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About Mulligan’s Parts Company

Mulligan Parts Company is one of the premier suppliers of lawn mower parts, industrial parts, tractor parts, and specialized turf equipment in the state. With several years of experience in providing quality lawn mower parts, edgers, golf carts, lift equipment and more, Mulligan Parts offers all of their customers a wide range of expertise in all things technical and industrial.

Mulligan Parts has partnered with several of the world’s best replacement parts manufacturers and suppliers in order to carry the best in lawn maintenance, construction, and agricultural tools to work with everything from pristinely manicured lawns to rugged landscapes and construction sites. Its 12 locations allow Mulligan Parts Company has the ability to provide fast, convenient customer service to all of their customers.

Popular Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic wheel motors are essential to any working lawn mower. We carry a large inventory of motors and other parts to keep your lawn mower moving.

Rotary Blades

Mulligans offers a huge selection of blades for your lawn mower. Dull and damaged blades can cause vibration in your mower or uneven cuts in the lawn.


You can purchase new tires for your lawn mower from Mulligans. Believe it or not most of our tires ship affordably to help keep the costs of maintaining your lawn mower affordable. Most people see the wheels go bad on their lawn mowers, give up and purchase a new lawn mower.

Most people see the wheels go bad on their lawn mowers, give up and purchase a new lawn mower. However, you can purchase new wheels from Mulligan for a small amount of money. You can set your lawn mower on wheels that will last longer, and you will not have to replace your lawn mower as a result.

When you want your lawn mower to work properly, you need to make sure you are purchasing the proper parts from Mulligan. You will save money, and you can make your lawn mower last much longer.